Project Management

At ARK we believe in assigning a Project Manager to every account. Our Project Managers are trained to continuously communicate with our customers and manage every project to guarantee on time completion and 100% customer satisfaction. Project Managers have open access to ARK’s client record database which gives them the ability to save you time and money by responding immediately to any situation and dispatching the right type of equipment and service technician for service or installation jobs.

Client Record Database

Upon becoming an ARK customer, all available project specific information is entered into our client record database. This allows us to keep an active record of project specific details for all of our client’s locations whether ARK is fabricating a sign or providing sign, lighting &/or electrical maintenance solutions. The type of information stored in our business management software includes: site surveys and photos, sign design details, permit progress, fabrication reports and/or the type of equipment, parts and technician required to complete a maintenance request. This database is constantly updated as we continue to learn new project/site details and guarantees your project is completed in the most cost effective and time efficient method available.


Service and Installation Technicians

We have spent years developing one of the strongest networks of nationwide service and installation providers in the industry. Our technicians are highly respected in the industry for their meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality. This network guarantees your brand is protected at all times and provides our customers with the fastest, most dependable service in the industry.


Customized Reporting

ARK’s client management software tracks the progress of every job and delivers highly detailed account information. Each report is customized based on our customer’s requirements and guarantees up to the minute site information. These reports are typically generated for all sign design and fabrications projects as well as sign, lighting and electrical maintenance jobs. Sign design and fabrication projects include information such as the job number, site location, project estimate, permit status, design elements, manufacturing details, shipping and installation details. Sign, lighting and electrical maintenance reports include information such as the job number, site location, outage reported, service requested, service provided, detailed quote, timing and estimated completion date. This information is continuously updated and monitored daily.